Forge Futsal Details


Season Nov – Dec – Jan – Feb (4 Months)
Train Frequency 2 x a Week x 4 Months (1.5 Hour Sessions)
Internal Forge – “Street” Creative Games 1 x a week x 2 times a month x 4 months (1 Hour Each)
Internal Forge – Creative Tournaments 2 Tournaments a Month x 4 Months (Each 4+ Games x 18 Min)
Host Showcase or Other Friendlies Yes
State Tournament or League Yes
Regional Tournament Yes
National Tournament Yes (if qualified)
Other Player & Team Benefits Included Video Analysis, TeamSnap, GK Training, Tryouts, All Admin Fees
Top Player Value Added 
Optional & Sign Up Only
Player Steet Champion Games x 6 Months, Sep – Feb, Tue & Thur, 6-7AM
48+ Hours of Playing, For Those That Love The Game & Want To Be Their Best

Program Fee

Program Payment

Program Hours

$1185 ($835 – Program Costs, $350 – Cost for 3 Tournaments)

($395 due at Tryout Offer, $395 due Nov 1, $395 due Jan 1)

72+ Hours of Quality Training, Additional Tournament Hours (see above)

Included: All: training facility fee, training coaching fee, 2 internal games each month, 8 internal tournaments, all referee fee, state tournament, regional tournament, national tournament (if qualified), GK training, TeamSnap, all admin fees, video analysis, player to player mentoring, other (uniforms not included).
Potential Training Schedule Boys & Girls, Training – Wed & Fri

Internal Games & Tournaments

National Academy Player added value

Optional & Sign Up Only


Player Street Club Games, Sep – Oct & Apr – May, Sundays Between 4-7PM

4 Months of Player Driven Games, Total of $195 for all 4 months